Conveyor Belting
Sizes 18"Wide to 72"Wide

42" x 180' Radial Stacker

30" x 500ft Truss Conveyor

Landfill Tripper, Truck Dumper


We Build New Surplus Conveyors
For A Used Price

We've Been Building Custom Conveyors for Over 57Years WorldWide.

Troughing Conveyors

Flat Roller Slider Conveyors

Radial Stacker Conveyors

Convs with Collecting Hoppers

100ft Plus Conveyors

Portable Conveyors

Truss Conveyors

Overland Conveyor Tails

Channel Conveyors

Overland Conveyors

Conveyors with Cleated Belt

Overland Conveyor Heads

Its Probally The Same Price to Build It As If It Were Sitting In Our Inventory!
We Ship World-Wide
Call for Custom Conveyor Same Day Quotes.

1-262-859-1888 Toll Free: 1-800-572-8735

Midwest Equipments Sales, Inc. is family owned business and celebrating supplying used conveyors, custom conveyors, recycling equipment, foundry equipment, and quarry mining equipment all over the world for 58 years and counting!

We have HUGE inventory to choose from with a variety of heavy equipment to help you get the job done!! Give us a Call.

  • Backstops
  • Eccentrics
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Augers
  • Gold Separators
  • Vibrators
  • Dust Collectors
  • Blenders
  • Gear Boxes
  • Impact Beds
  • Hoppers
  • Generators
  • Pulleys and MORE..
  • Head Pulley
  • Tail Pulley
  • Idler
  • Recycling Equipment
  • Foundry Equipment
  • Quarry Mining Equipment

200H.P. - 300H.P. Faulk Enclosed Gear Drive

On Sale For Discount

30" x 28' Stainless Steel Chain Conveyor
On Sale For Discount

18" x 10ft x 8ft6" Stainless Steel
Incline Conveyor
On Sale For Discount

36" x 100' Truss Pit Portable Conveyor
On Sale For Discount

42" x 180' Radial Stacking Conveyor
On Sale For Discount

53"Deep Truss Conveyor
On Sale For Discount

We can build any type of conveyor out of new surplus parts for a used price:

Custom Conveyors
Used Custom Conveyors
Troughing Conveyors
Used Troughing Conveyors
Troughing Conveyor
Troughing Truss Conveyors
Troughing Channel Conveyors
Flat Roller Slider Conveyors
Used Flat Roller Slider Conveyors
Flat Roller Slider Conveyor
Flat Slider Conveyors
Flat Slider Conveyor
Flat Roller Conveyors
Flat Roller Conveyor
Screening Conveyor
Crushing Conveyor
Used Radial Stacking Conveyors
Used Radial Conveyors
Radial Conveyors
Radial Conveyor
Stacking Conveyor
Stacking Conveyors
Radial Stacker Conveyors
Overland Conveyors
Picking Conveyors
Portable Conveyors
Variable Speed Conveyors
Belt Feeder Conveyors
Surge Hopper Conveyors
Variable Hopper Feed Conveyors
Truss Conveyors
Channel Conveyors
Used Channel Conveyors
Used Truss Conveyors
New Surplus Conveyors
Used Conveyors
New Conveyors
Buy Used Conveyors
Buy New Surplus Conveyors
Buy Custom Conveyors
Buy Used Conveyor
Rental Conveyors
Rent Used Conveyors
Build Conveyors
Sell Conveyors
Conveyor Parts
Used Conveyor Parts
Shaft Mounted Gearboxes, Reducers, Shaft Mounted Reducers
Used Shaft Mounted Gearboxes, Used Reducers, Used Shaft Mounted Reducers
Used Head Pulleys, Used Tail Pulleys, Used Rubber Lagged, Used Wing Self Cleaning
Where to Buy Conveyors
Where to Buy New Surplus Conveyors
Where to Buy Custom Conveyors
Where to Buy New Conveyors
Selling Conveyors



ACRES of Replacement Parts
12015 38th Street, Kenosha, WI 53144
Conveyor Parts of All Kinds

Over 500 Used Shaft-Mounted Gearboxes

Over 100 New Surplus Shaft-Mounted Gearboxes

500H.P. Faulk Enclosed Gear Drive
On Sale!

60" x 10' 2Deck Screen

Pennsylvania Crusher with 40H.P.

Rail Car Winch

Cleated Incline Belting

Chevron Belting

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